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Our dog Ashlee. She's a mix of Australian Kelpie, border collie, and whatever. Really cute huh, she's so smart that she scares me sometimes, it's like she can read our minds. She's a herding dog and is trained in hand signals and with verbal commands too. She does all kinds of tricks, but the best thing is her character and expression. When we talk to her, she listens, she turns her head and really looks at you, it's hysterical. Here she's hanging out in the yard, on her chair, (yes, it's her chair), and Rod got this great shot of her on the bed looking like a giant Chihuahua, you can just hear her saying, "Drop the chalupa!"

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I love these shots of her in the yard. And yes they are 2 different shots, I didn't just flip it, look at the shadow. She just cracks me up. I just asked her if she would smile for the camera and as she listened to me she turned her head, she's so cute you just want to hug her. She's always everywhere we are, she's very attached, we never put her on a leash, so she's alot like a cat, always in the middle of whatever it is we're doing. We were packing for a trip.

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This is Ashlee's friend, Tigger, we dogsit him for friends sometimes. He's a dachshund mix, and does bounce like a Tigger. A friend was staying over so that's why the sofa bed is out, they just made themselves comfortable.

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This is at Christmas 2000, she was watching Rod making food and looked over at me, I was practicing with my camera, perfect timing. My ball,  I love my ball!!! This is Ash at the park we always take her too in Redmond, called Marymoor park. It has the best off leash area I've ever seen, like 15 acres just for dogs, it's great, she loves it.

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This was 3 years ago in late fall, it was really cold, can you tell. Ok, I have a new jacket now, it's much better, don't ask about the jacket, it was warm!!

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