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Ashlee was just so cute as a puppy. She was so small, about 5 weeks old. She was in a pet store window with 2 beagles that were bigger than her. The curly tail just got me. They said she was a terrier mix and wouldn't get more than 20 pounds. She got up to about 48 in her prime. They so lied to me!!!!!!!!! But I'm glad she turned out the way she did, she's perfect and I wouldn't change a thing about her. These pics are out on sand dunes in Oregon and then in the snow up on Mt. Rainier. She loved the snowl.

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All tuckered out. After a hard day of playing, a nice nap does the trick. Then she's ready to play all night again. Good thing I'm a night owl, she kept us up alot. Then there was the awkward stage, teenager. We got lots more pics of her as she got older, but don't have alot of her younger years. She grew up quick, they always do. Before we knew it she was out partying all night.

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She learned lots of tricks, here she's shaking my hand while I'm trying to take the picture. Then we have Greg and Mike in the background up on Mt. Erie hiking. Ash has this knack of sticking her tongue out when you take a pic of her. I think she does it on purpose.

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Christmas 2 years ago. The old neighbors cat, they became friends. She likes cats, had a few nice cat friends too. I guess being raised by rabbits does that to ya. In case you don't know the story,  my 2 rabbits whipped her into shape when she was a puppy, so she grew to like small furry animals. I was trying a double exposure, don't ask, it failed miserably.

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This is on the Washington coast, called Ocean Shores. Hiking in the mountains.

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Ashlee doesn't like bridges, they freak her out. I have to coax her and then she runs across. More photos of us by water.

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I really like these two pictures. Spring up near Wenatchee, loved the blossoming trees in this park. Ash and I at sunset. Great light, perfect head tilt.

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These next few pics are from a trip to Oregon. We were taking a back road and saw this field of huge birds, some kind of heron we thought. After trying to get close to get a good pic of them I let Ashlee out and she ran right at them. Of course they flew away, but it was funny watching her go and think she'd get one. They were way bigger than her too, probably would have scared her if she got that close. That's what happened when she got to chase cows for the first time. She went running up to them and they came walking towards her and when she saw how big they were she put her tail between her legs and ran away. I laughed so hard, it was one of the funniest things she ever did. I guess you could say that she never knew they were that big, she'd only seen them from the car in fields far away. But still I thought she'd start herding them, boy was I wrong.

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Back at the car, after a good run she was ready to move on. I saw a coyote up there too and some deer, it was a fun trip!!! A few waterfalls we saw along the way, thought I'd throw them in here, don't think Ash would mind.

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