Ashlee at the park.

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Swimming and digging rocks, happiness for Ashlee. She doesn't play well with other dogs cause she thinks she's human, or a rabbit, still can't tell. She'll only play with us, no one else. She loves her ball and her Frisbee. Sometimes if she's into it, she'll play with a nice dog her size or smaller. She doesn't like big dogs.

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The look kills me, it's like, "What does he want, to play or something? Well, I don't stoop that low, to play with dogs, humph" Her rock, she's very protective of her rocks, and all her stuff. This was a weird scene, except for the tail this other dog was her twin, it was funny watching her play with him. I think her ears are a bit bigger too. Have I told you we also call her "Batdog", it's all in the ears.

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High 5!!! Swimming. Sticks, oh joy, sticks!!!

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Other dogs around the park, ridgeback, whippet, and a lab mix catching his Frisbee.

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More pics with Ash. A pharaoh hound, rare to see.

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She's 12 here, you can see the grey around her muzzle.Still plays like a puppy though, and photographs well too.

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After digging for rocks, her nose is all full of dirt, she doesn't ever seem to mind, it's all in a days fun for her.

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