My Pets.

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These were my rabbits, Baby and Merlyn. Baby is of course a Netherland dwarf and never really got too big. Merlyn was a certain breed but I don't remember now what he was. His fur was silky soft and he had the coolest coat design, like he had racing stripes on his sides, a trait of the breed. He was red, white and shades of brown. He had the cutest personality and was a great friend. Baby was more solitary and wasn't as nice. But her and Merlyn got along until she got to breeding age then she had a problem with him trying to mount her. They were both fixed but they still fought so I had to keep them separated. They were only parted my a mesh fence so they still saw each other and were close. I let them out to play in the house and yard but only under close supervision, rabbits have a habit of eating stuff they're not supposed too.

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Merlyn was a jumper and would get into everything. He chewed on so much of our stuff we just gave up and got used to having holes in everything. He chewed through power cords alot too, it's a wonder he didn't electrocute himself.

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